North American basketball’s NBA commissioner Adam Silver is reportedly in the process of finalizing a contract extension that is expected to keep him in the post until 2030.

Silver has completed formal negotiations with the NBA’s board of governors to strike an extension, a report by ESPN has claimed. He entered the role almost a decade ago, in February 2014, after David Stern stepped down (Stern has since passed away, in 2020).

During his tenure, Silver has implemented the NBA in-season tournament, made adjustments to the draft lottery, and completed a collective bargaining agreement with the National Basketball Players Association.

That deal, which was struck last March, provides labor peace for at least the next five years and features a revised salary cap system.

Before being selected as league commissioner, Silver was the NBA's deputy commissioner for eight years.

Reports suggest that once the extension negotiation is finalized, Silver will be able to work on a new major domestic media rights deal for the league, as well as on further league expansion.

Silver had previously confirmed he would consider Mexico City as a potential expansion site as it looks to increase the number of franchises in the league.

On that subject, Seattle, Washington, and Las Vegas have been touted as favorites to land franchise rights should the league expand to 32 teams in the coming years.

Earlier this month, the league entered into a multi-year media rights deal in Mexico with the Amazon Prime Video streaming service.

Through the tie-up, the Prime Video platform will cover more than 50 regular-season and playoff games each year.

Domestically, meanwhile, NBA live rights (aside from local-area deals) are held by ESPN and TNT, with that agreement set to expire after the 2024-25 campaign.

The most recent NBA media rights deal was unveiled in late November when Hong Kong broadcaster Now TV came on board as a partner.