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Tanveer Aujla is an analyst within the sports team at GlobalData, focusing on thematic research and building an understanding of how new technologies will impact on the sports industry.

Tanveer Aujla

International cricket needs structural revamp but dominance of ‘big three’ is a hindrance

India, England, and Australia hold significant positions of power, creating a major imbalance within the sport.

The dwindling popularity of the All-Star Game should concern the NBA

Fans are rapidly losing interest due to the lack of competitiveness, leaving the league in a quandary.

Ngannou’s UFC departure continues to highlight White’s indifference towards fighters

UFC has grown exponentially under Dana White’s leadership but his treatment of fighters continues to frustrate fans.

Strange judging decisions in the UFC can have serious knock-on effects for fighters

The bizarre nature of Paddy Pimblett’s victory over Jared Gordon at UFC 282 shows the financial issues fighters face.

The disorganization of the 2022 World Cup continues to shine a negative spotlight on FIFA and host nation Qatar

Several stories dominating the early days of the tournament are providing an unfortunate distraction to the events on the pitch.

Anthony Edwards’ recent social media controversy highlights the pitfalls that social media can present for athletes

Athletes must be conscious about what they post on social media and organizations of how severe their punishments are.

Barcelona’s transfer activity this summer has been the source of significant controversy

The club’s approach to this transfer window has seen it come under fire from many in the soccer community.

Inter Milan’s launching of their own OTT platform signifies a trend that many other teams are likely to adopt

Many teams are realizing that controlling their own content is key in an increasingly digital landscape, and the move is a mutually beneficial one for both fans and sponsors.

The MCC have come under fire for extortionate ticket prices for this summer’s cricket

Many sports are following the same trend of gradually making the game less affordable for its fans, and cricket has become the latest victim.

The NBA’s recent rise in viewing figures corrects a previously worrying trend

While the NBA has suffered from waning viewing figures in recent years, this season has proven to be a resurgence for the league.