Telecoms company T-Mobile has furthered its collaboration with international sailing series SailGP by providing 5G internet connections on racing vessels for the current fourth season, as well as next year's fifth season. 

The deal sees cameras on each of the ten catamarans competing in the tour connected with the T-Mobile 5G hybrid mobile network.

Each camera fitted will allow for better visual transmission to the grands prix broadcasting studio in London, with the cameras mounted anywhere on the boat and maintain coverage.

The 5G connections on the cameras will also facilitate the use of AI in tracking the movement of the boat operators, ensuring none of the action is missed.

Warren Jones, SailGP’s chief technology officer, said: “SailGP and T-Mobile for Business are committed to pushing the boundaries on innovative ways to bring fans into the middle of the action through on-board, live camera views.

“Plus, our athletes can now access real-time data, which further accelerates the decision-making capabilities for our 10 national teams.”

During the Oracle Los Angeles Sail Grand Prix, T-Mobile 5G enabled real-time race data to be provided to onboard racing strategists in each of the teams via small handsets.

Each catamaran in the SailGP has 125 sensors on it. These sensors relay as many as 300,000 data points each second via the T-Mobile 5G connections that allow for the real-time collation and provision of data.  

T-Mobile Business Group president Callie Field said: “We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what 5G can do for consumers and businesses.

“Delivering fast and reliable analytics along with immersive viewing experiences in a tough offshore environment is a literal game changer.”

The continuing partnership between SailGP and T-Mobile will see the mobile carrier featured heavily at the two remaining United States-based SailGP events this season in New York and San Francisco, having already featured at the Chicago and Los Angeles Grands Prix.

T-Mobile will also continue as the United States SailGP Team’s official 5G partner.

Among the SailGP events T-Mobile will be featured prominently in is the New York Grand Prix, which Abu Dhabi-based investment firm Mubadala has agreed to sponsor for the next three years.

Mubadala first partnered with SailGP in January 2022 and will now sponsor the New York Grand Prix until 2026.