London Marathon Events, the parent company of the London Marathon, has extended its partnership with sports drinks brand Lucozade Sport through a new deal running from 2021 to 2023.

The agreement will extend the relationship between the two up to 21 years, making Lucozade Sport the longest-serving partner of the race.

As part of its sponsorship, Lucozade Sport will continue to be the 'official sports drink and gels provider' for the London Marathon and The Vitality Big Half, a half marathon also operated by London Marathon Events.

Every bottle of Lucozade Sport distributed at this year’s London Marathon, which takes place 3 October, will be made from recycled plastic, with the bottles to be recycled again by way of a closed-loop collect-and-return system to promote sustainability.

Lucozade Sport will also run an additional race on 12 September that will encourage pairs of people to complete a 10km route in their local area. Participants will have the option of donating a £5 ($6.93) fee to Women in Sport, a charity aimed at encouraging and providing opportunities for women to take up sport.

Hugh Brasher, event director for London Marathon Events, said: “This partnership is one of the longest-standing in sport, and Lucozade Sport has helped hundreds of thousands of runners to complete their marathon journey.

"We look forward to continuing to work together on sustainability initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of runner welfare, and we’re delighted to launch the new Lucozade Sport Virtual 10K which we hope will inspire people of all abilities to participate with a running buddy and get moving together.”