Stats Perform, the international sports and data technology provider, has today announced the acquisition of 13 Strides, the digital sports agency.

The company said the move is part of its “strategic focus on fan engagement and helping clients succeed in a highly competitive sports media market".

By adding the 13 Strides products to its portfolio, Stats Perform is seeking to provide clients with access to visual graphic tools, in addition to its sports data and AI offering.

UK-based 13 Strides, which provides visual content solutions for sports, launched in 2006 and has partnerships with several media companies, sports leagues, teams, and brands.

Carl Mergele, Stats Perform chief executive, said on Wednesday: “Imagine the power of combining the world’s best repository of sports data, and the most advanced AI, with this simple and fast way to create engaging graphics. That’s why we are so excited to welcome 13 Strides to our organisation. With their expertise in fan engagement and our data and AI, we can empower our clients with the solutions they need to truly delight their fans.”

Kevin Allinson, 13 Strides’ co-founder and chief technology officer, added: “Our passion has always been around the visual power of sport, and so this opportunity to use data, and AI takes our ambitions to a completely new level. We are very excited to be joining Stats Perform and to be accelerating our roadmap into new technologies and sectors of sport.”

The addition of 13 Strides will complement Stats Perform’s recently launched AI-powered media platform, PressBox.

Stats Perform said its clients will now have direct access to create data and AI-infused graphics quickly, all within the PressBox platform, while the enhanced graphics and visualisations available via 13 Strides will “augment the broader Stats Perform product set across all market segments".

Stats Perform was formed from the merger in 2019 of USA’s Stats and Europe-based Perform, and is endeavouring to meet the needs of clients through the combination of extensive sports data and the latest AI and machine-learning technology.