Sportradar, the sports technology company, has today launched a product that aims to give rightsholders and brands personalized fan engagement in a “post-third-party cookie world.”

The new Sportradar FanID tool has been described as a “unique, end-to-end first-party marketing solution combining the first data clean room for the sports industry with the company’s proprietary marketing activation technology.”

Sportradar is seeking to strategically position itself in the market ahead of the anticipated removal of third-party cookies in 2024 and is seeking to help marketers find alternative methods for collecting and leveraging data to connect with consumers.

The firm claims its data clean room addresses this challenge for the sports industry, “allowing multiple parties to collaborate on first-party datasets.” It has been created using confidential cloud computing technology and will provide a “secure and privacy compliant way to reach sports fans at scale.”

Sportradar said it is “well positioned to provide this solution to brands and rightsholders by leveraging the power of its vast network of global clients and partners.”

Rainer Geier, executive vice president of fan engagement at Sportradar, said: “The crumbling of the third-party cookie represents a significant opportunity for rightsholders and brands to gain a greater understanding of fans, while also enabling more efficient and seamless delivery of digital advertising content.

“We are the industry leader and partner to many clients around the world, which has allowed us to gather the most comprehensive understanding of fan behavior and insights. Sportradar FanID is an example of how we are extending our innovative capabilities, and it will catalyze further product innovation and increased monetization potential.”

Sportradar FanID will benefit rightsholders “by providing a greater understanding of fans’ interests and purchase intent while enhancing the value they provide sponsors.”

For brands, meanwhile, the FanID “facilitates scalable, direct engagement with fans through personalized, timely and relevant ads.”

The Sportradar FanID process includes data collection (rightsholders and brands embed interactive tools into their digital channels to capture first-party data); data connection (collected data sets shared in the data clean room to create fan profiles); data activation (relevant and personalized digital advertising content served on a one-to-one basis); and data orchestration (content delivered to fans at the right time and through the best channel).

Rival sports data technology company Genius Sports recently launched a FanHub ID solution which aims to give advertisers and content owners new opportunities to measure and reach new audiences for marketing.