The Professional Triathletes Organization (PTO) has rebranded its PTO Tour series ahead of the 2024 season as part of its partnership with the World Triathlon governing body.

The inaugural edition of the series, to be known as T100 Triathlon World Tour from now on, will feature eight events spanning three continents, with races taking place from March to November, starting with an event in Miami (March 9 and 10).

Other races will take place in Singapore, California (US), London (UK), Ibiza (Spain), Lake Las Vegas (US), and Dubai (UAE) before heading to a grand final in a yet-to-be-announced city.

The races will include the standard 100km professional event, as well as age group racing.

Each race will feature a $250,000 prize pool, with $25,000 going to the winner, $16,000 for second place, and $12,000 for third. In addition, points will be awarded based on each athlete's finishing position, with the winner gaining 35 points. 

The overall T100 Triathlon World Champion will be awarded based on points totals at the end of the year, with the winner gaining $210,000 out of a $2 million prize pool.

More than $7 million will be awarded in cash and athlete contracts during the 2024 season.

The addition of the London race on the tour comes after the PTO announced it had acquired the Challenge London triathlon event earlier this week. The race, which has a 20-year heritage and at its peak attracted more than 14,000 participants – making it the world’s biggest triathlon – features a closed road course taking place entirely within central London.

PTO chief executive Sam Renouf has said: “This was the right moment for us to introduce a more consumer-facing brand.

“As we’ve developed the races and the broadcast product over the past three years, we’ve continued to listen to feedback from all parties, including our broadcast partners, the media, fans, and, of course, the athletes who co-own the organization.

“With races being known as the Singapore T100 or Ibiza T100, we believe it will help establish T100 as both a powerful brand as well as a unique format – which will only help on the mission to take the sport more mainstream.

"This will create more opportunities to attract new host cities, commercial sponsors and engage amateurs and mass participants who we will be performing at each of our stops this year."

The PTO was originally formed in 2014, with the agreement of a funding deal with venture capitalist Michael Moritz in 2020 one of the main factors behind its expansion and growth in recent years.

The new series comes on the back of the World Triathlon governing body and the PTO joining forces to recognize the PTO tour as the official World Championship tour for long-distance running, last August.

At the time, the two organizations said they would work together to create “a season-long narrative for the world’s leading triathletes,” as a long-distance equivalent to the current World Triathlon Championship Series.

As part of the partnership, World Triathlon also said it would work together with the PTO “on a number of services,” such as anti-doping, competition jury appeals, safeguarding and manipulation, technical support, as well as what has been described as “an extensive marketing and commercial collaboration between both organizations.”