Professional Fighters League (PFL), the US-based mixed martial arts (MMA) series, has today (May 19) completed a $30 million Series E investment round to fund global expansion and launch its new PPV Super Fight Division.  

The funding round was led by private equity firm Waverley Capital and also included investment from baseball legend and businessman Alex Rodriguez.  

As a result of the financing, Rodriguez and Waverley co-owner Daniel Leff have joined the PFL board of directors. 

With this new capital, PFL has total funding to date of $200 million from blue-chip investors including Ares Capital, Elysian Park Ventures, Luxor Capital, Knighthead, Legends, and Swan Ventures, as well as high-profile business, entertainment, and media figures such as Ted Leonsis, Brandon Beck, Mark Lerner, Debra Cafaro, Ray Lewis, and Wiz Khalifa.  

PFL claims to be the second-biggest MMA company in the world after UFC “by all key metrics, including distribution reach, broadcast, and streaming audience per event, and fighter roster quality”.  

Donn Davis, PFL founder and chairman, said: “While it is clear that sports is the most valuable content and intellectual property in the world, what is also becoming increasingly clear is that MMA is the growth sports business of this decade. 

“The MMA category is on fire, and while UFC is the first winner in this market, several major valuable companies will be built, and PFL has secured the number two market position and is the fastest growing and most innovative company in MMA.”

Live coverage of PFL in the US is shown on the platforms of sports broadcaster ESPN.