A joint bid for either the 2026 or 2028 edition of the European Handball Federation’s European Championships is being launched by three Scandinavian countries – Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

The national handball federations of the three nations have banded together to launch a joint bid for both the men’s and women’s versions of one of those two Euros, with the bid to be called ‘Scandinavia Connect'.

The three countries aim to “host an EHF Euro that will have innovation at its core, to capitalise on the modern-day opportunities presented to the sport due to advances in technology," the federations said today.

It is claimed the joint bid “provides the EHF with the possibility to host their flagship event in one of the most connected regions in the world".

All three nations have hosted the Men's EHF Euro before, with Norway and Sweden having last staged the tournament jointly last year, while Denmark did so in 2014.

The trio have also all hosted the women’s tournament before as well, with Denmark having had hosting rights last year. 

Per Bertselsen, president of the Danish Handball Federation, said: “Now is the right time for Scandinavia to join forces. We believe we can build on the positive momentum we see in our sport. Together, we can deliver a world-class event that will be a true celebration for European handball.”

The Men’s EHF Euro hosts next year will be Hungary and Slovakia, while in 2024 Germany will stage the event on its own. 

In terms of the Women's EHF Euro, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Slovenia will be co-hosts in 2022, and Austria, Hungary and Switzerland will share the event in 2024.

The Scandinavian nations are set to face competition to host the men’s event in 2026 or 2028 from France and Switzerland, with those two countries having confirmed their intention to launch a joint bid last October, while the Russian Handball Federation has also made clear its intention to bid.

The hosts for the men's and women's tournaments are expected to be announced in November 2021.