Extreme E, the all-electric motor racing series, has confirmed it will be discontinued after the upcoming 2024 season as it shifts to a hydrogen-powered competition instead next year.

Writing on the series’ website, Extreme E’s managing director Ali Russell said this year’s inaugural event in the US would “be a fitting way to round off Extreme E” as the season finale.

The series had previously said Extreme E and Extreme H would co-exist, but utility manager Andy Welch has instead confirmed that the championship, which began in 2021, would end in its current form, with the new Spark Racing Technologies-built hydrogen prototype to take over next season.

Speaking at the Autosport International Show, Welch said: “The Extreme H prototype is testing now, the championship will be in ’25. Extreme E will end at the end of ’24.

“It’s a different car, different championship, same format. And Extreme E as it is, will stop.”

The news comes after the FIA world governing body announced Extreme H would be given world championship status in 2026.

A joint working group has been launched between Extreme H, the top-tier Formula 1 series, and the FIA to assess developments and potential applications for hydrogen within motorsport.

Welch later clarified to Motosport.com Extreme E could still continue, should management decide it is still commercially viable.

He said: “If the call came to do a series in Saudi or a series in Europe, it could happen. The commercial impact of running two championships at the same venue, although attractive in the sense that could run two championships with one support, you don’t get twice the bang for the buck.

“You’re still only running a race weekend. And our spectators, are they interested in whether it’s and E or H? So won’t be, some will.

“The clear remit is H in '25, E stops this year, although there will still be the cars there and all the infrastructure.”

Last month, heavyweight sports broadcaster ESPN and Extreme E extended their broadcast rights tie-up in Latin America, extending a relationship that began with the inaugural 2021 season.

In mid-September, UK commercial broadcaster ITV extended its coverage deal with Extreme E for the 2024 campaign, while coverage in the US is provided by a combination of Fox and Warner Bros. Discovery.

Earlier this month, Extreme E announced the renewal of its partnership with tire manufacturer Continental, the championship’s official tire supplier and a founding partner.