Sportall, the sports streaming and distribution platform, has agreed a digital partnership with the World Squash Federation (WSF) to host the governing body’s free streaming service.

The new service will house all events organized by the WSF, as well as feature programs and archived content as the WSF looks to increase its global footprint.

 The platform will also be available for use by national and continental squash federations, allowing each of them to stream their events to a dedicated space on the platform.

Match streaming on the service is due to launch during the Asian Team Championships in South Korea, which will be held between October 30 and November 4.

Coverage will then switch to the FISU World University Championships, which will take place in New Giza, Egypt, from November 7 to 13.

The website is already live and features content from the WSF archives.

WSF chief executive William Louis-Marie said: “Developing our own media will help us reach out to more fans in more regions of the world while mastering data and content consumption metrics.

“I’m also extremely delighted that will embark all our continental and national federations wishing to benefit from the platform.

“Servicing our member nations, developing our fan base and increasing visibility and monetization are fundamental objectives for an international federation and this new digital platform will help us achieve all this.”

Under the agreement, Sportall will be responsible for the digital production, promotion, and distribution solutions of the service, as well as data and metric analytics.

As part of the agreement, WSF and Sportall will regularly add features to enhance the service, using the latest technologies to develop multi-feed live coverage, user-generated content, and gamification.

Thierry Boudard, Sportall co-founder and executive president, said: “Following its global expansion, Sportall is now able to transform any international federation into a global, multi-tenant and multi-destination digital media provider, in order to maximize their fan reach and their monetization, while creating an innovative user experience, able to attract and retain a young audience.”

WSF joins the likes of Fight Nation, the combat sports app, Athle TV, the athletics media app, and Futsal Zone, the app of the French futsal association, on Sportall’s platform.

Last year, Sportall entered a digital partnership with the UEC, the European Cycling Union, to host the organization’s UECTV video app where it is responsible for the digital production, promotion, and distribution solutions of the app.