Extreme E, the new SUV electric motor racing series which started last month, has expanded its tie-up with TikTok, the China-based video-sharing platform, to include live coverage. 

This will available in selected markets for the second event of the season in Dakar, Senegal this coming weekend for the final races on Sunday.

The live coverage will be offered through Extreme E's dedicated TikTok channel in a range of markets in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, with Russia, France, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Morocco, Kuwait, Tunisia, Lebanon, Oman, Iraq, Qatar, Jordan, Mauritania and Bahrain being some of the territories covered.

TikTok and Extreme E collaborated for Extreme E’s inaugural race in Saudi Arabia in April, with TikTok providing live behind-the-scenes footage, bespoke content from the location and race highlights.

That partnership is being activated by Little Dot Studios, the digital content agency and media network, and the content garnered 18.5 million views in total for the first race. 

Ali Russell, Extreme E’s chief marketing officer, said: "The viewing numbers from our first event – the Desert X Prix in Saudi Arabia – were beyond phenomenal… It’s fantastic that we can now add live streaming in addition to the races and behind-the-scenes coverage from our Ocean X Prix.”

Yanni Ioannidis, head of global business development and strategic content partnerships at TikTok, added: "We are thrilled to expand our collaboration with Extreme E to include live-streaming of the race as shown on TV in the agreed countries. 

"TikTok Live is the ultimate destination for exciting live streaming content, and this new partnership with Extreme E will give our mobile-native community of users access to premium racing content for the first time ever.”

TikTok users can access Extreme E content through the official handle @extremeelive and through TikTok's Discover page in participating regions.

After Saudi Arabia (Desert leg), Extreme E is racing in Senegal (Ocean), Greenland (Arctic) and Brazil (Amazon) before closing in Argentine Patagonia (Glacier) on 12 December.

TikTok has previously worked with sister series Formula E to create and distribute video content across various social media channels.

The video-sharing platform aims to use its coverage of Extreme E to showcase the capabilities of electric SUVs, while shedding light on the impact of climate change.