The McLaren and Alpine teams of the prestigious Formula 1 motor racing series have announced partnerships with two US firms, Medallia and CrossTower, respectively, for the US Grand Prix in Texas this weekend (24 October).

Medallia, the San Francisco-headquartered provider of feedback management software, has been named the official feedback partner of McLaren through a deal signed with its parent company McLaren Racing.

Through the deal, company branding will feature on McLaren’s cars for the race, with the agreement also including branding on the rear wing of the cars and on pit crew helmets for the 2022 season.

McLaren, meanwhile, will be provided with “a suite of solutions to capture feedback from fans and team members.”

Zak Brown, chief executive of McLaren Racing, said: “This partnership brings a high level of expertise to our knowledge of our fans and our people at McLaren Racing. Our fans and people are two vital elements of our team and having a partner that can assist in refining these experiences will continue to improve how we serve our growing fan base and help us improve our culture.”

For the CrossTower cryptocurrency exchange, its partnership with Alpine F1 team also sees its branding featured.

It is the company’s first appearance at the US Grand Prix, which it intends to use to reach a global audience and help drive its growth.

Kristin Boggiano, co-founder and president of CrossTower, explained: “This is the only F1 event in the United States this year and CrossTower is proud to have a presence.”

As of next season, the race at the Circuit of the Americas will be one of two in the US, with the inaugural Miami Grand Prix scheduled for May 2022.

A 10-year deal for a Miami race was agreed in April this year after protracted negotiations between the city and Formula 1 owner Liberty Media that had initially seen a deal agreed in principle in 2019.

Liberty has been keen to build on the sport’s presence in the US market since it acquired the series in 2017.

Its efforts have seen results, with races up to July this year having seen a year-on-year increase in viewership of 55 per cent up to 944,000.

That figure is likely to increase further next season with Miami’s introduction to the race calendar and US brands will no doubt be mindful of this.