Legends, the premium experiences company, has been enlisted by the World Cycling Limited event organizer and promoter to support the launch and growth of its indoor TeamTrak Cycling League, the inaugural season of which is due to run next year.

Under the partnership, announced yesterday (July 26), Legends is tasked with securing sponsorship sales and managing omnichannel merchandise services for the league.

A data-driven approach will see data and analytics leveraged to provide fan insights, deliver asset valuation for sponsorship sales, and identify overall revenue-generating opportunities for the league.

Legends will also provide broadcast and media rights partnership support for TeamTrak, which will have access to various of its planning, sales, and hospitality solutions.

In addition, it will become a minority investor in the US-based league.

The format of TeamTrak will see “top international” cyclists in location-based teams of four men and four women competing in head-to-head races on a portable indoor velodrome.

World Cycling Limited says the concept is based on its analysis of existing cycling competitions, as well as other sports and leagues, which have informed a combination of legitimate racing, unique facilities, fan-centric entertainment, scalable media opportunities, innovative technology, and event-to-event and season-to-season continuity.

It intends to provide “state-of-the-art” television production, live-streaming, new technologies, and sports wagering for each event.

Among the technologies used to elevate the fan experience will be onboard cameras, real-time scoring, and athlete stats like speed, power output, and heart rate.

The first TeakTrak season will comprise four multi-day tour stops in four cities culminating in a seven-round, eight-team elimination series championship event in Las Vegas from September 27 to October 1, 2023.

World Cycling Limited claims that the indoor track cycling league is the first to be privately owned and funded based upon a single entity league ownership model and that male and female competitors will be paid equal prize money.

The firm itself is described as “a team of sports, media, entertainment, and business professionals who have come together to redefine the legendary sport of track cycling.”

David Chauner, chief executive of World Cycling Limited (and two-time Olympic cyclist), said: “TeamTrak was developed with a fan-first mentality, reimagining the best elements of track cycling into a fully accessible and easy-to-follow format. Our high-energy co-ed team model is specifically designed to appeal to modern American sports fans.

“We are excited to launch our first season in 2023 using our own portable indoor velodrome. This gives us the ability to bring TeamTrak to hundreds of existing arenas across the country and offers significant expansion potential.”

Gabby Roe, president of Legends Growth Enterprises, launched earlier this year to accelerate the growth of sports and entertainment properties, added: “We are excited to partner with TeamTrak to bring fans and sponsors a modern take on cycling, one of the oldest and most popular sports in the world.

“The TeamTrak leadership group has created a competition format that is fan- and television-friendly, easy to follow, and features co-ed teams competing ‘elbow to elbow’ in the most exciting version of track cycling in the world. We see an incredible growth opportunity for the league.”