Alongside the expansion of its World Tour, the Women’s International Squash Players’ Association (WISPA) is upgrading its website and unveiling a new logo.

The new look, which is revealed today (Thursday), follows a decision by the WISPA Board to revamp the Association’s logo and enhance its website to make it as effective as possible for both members and visitors.

The new site, produced by EmediatEFX, has been designed not only to look good but also to provide several new features – including dynamic generation of material from outside the office, eCommerce functions, features within the member area, search database and, of course, full integration with the Horizon rankings and entry programmes we use.

‘We have a strategy, we are moving forward – and introducing this new logo and upgrading our website are all part of it,’ said WISPA Executive Director Andrew Shelley. ‘The one word I would use to describe the WISPA Tour and our players is vibrant; and hopefully our namestyle and site will reflect this.

‘In respect of the website, first and foremost we are a reference rather than a news site, though of course we do have news elements. We want to be able to present all facets efficiently and attractively, together with adding new features,’ explained Shelley.

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