President of VOLVO Car España, SA, Germán López Madrid, and the president of the Jerez 2002 World Equestrian Games Organising Committee and city mayor, Pedro Pacheco, signed a sponsorship agreement which makes the Swedish car company become one of the sponsors for next September’ World Equestrian Games.

The agreement will see VOLVO and Jerez 2002 WEG partners also during the lead up period to the event with the supply of a number of vehicles to the Organizing Committee.

The signing of the sponsorship agreement, which makes VOLVO the ‘Jerez 2002 World Equestrian Games Official Car’, comes a few months before the start of the Games, and it represents the culmination of a long-standing commitment and co-operation between the firm and equestrian sport in Spain and, in particular, with the Jerez 2002 Organising Committee.

As well as the tangible benefits offered by Jerez 2002 to VOLVO as a sponsor of the event during the Games themselves, both parties, in the spirit of the agreement reached, agree to begin a synergy strategy in the field of promotion based on the use of certain publicity or promotional resources or platforms of the other party.

Thus, Jerez 2002 undertakes to display the logos and corporate image of Volvo, and its marques, not just during the world championships, but also before the Games in those events and on those platforms upon which Jerez 2002 bases its promotion, in line with the agreement between the two parties. VOLVO will assign to Jerez 2002 a fleet of cars for the official use of the World Equestrian Games Organising Committee, confident that the impact and relevance on a world scale of this event will bring profitable synergies to the firm, along with important publicity and promotional benefits.

The Jerez City Council, the Cadiz Provincial Council, the Andalusian Regional Government and the National government, through the Sports Council and the Ministry of Defence, as well as the Spanish Olympic Committee and the Spanish and Andalusian Equestrian Federations, among other organisations, have all been involved in WEG project and are represented on its Organising Committee. With the fourth edition now coming closer, these ‘Equestrian Olympics’ are a definite reference point for many companies, like Volvo, which, due to their affinity with the sport or the equestrian world in general, will use the event as an ideal vehicle for their sponsorship activities. Sponsorship, the sale of tickets and marketing, both direct and indirect, of WEG merchandise will be the Organising Committee’s main sources of income to cover the budget for the event, estimated at around 16,000,000 Euros. Jerez 2002 WEG Organising Committee expects to generate income of about 7,300,000 Euros from sponsorship.

Besides the competitions the World Equestrian Games, which will have an extimated attendance of some 300,000 peeople over 10 to 12 days, will put on stage a large international trade fair and other parallel activities. In Jerez there will be a large commercial area where, as in all of the other collateral activities, the sponsors such as VOLVO will have a high profile.

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