The Grand Prix 2001 will be played in Asia including Japan which come back constitutes a great success for the Event.

The 2000 World Grand Prix season attracted over 202,000 spectators in host countries throughout the Asian region including Macau (China), Thailand, Malaysia, Chinese Taipei, China and Philippines.

The 2001 edition will feature:

Week 1 – August 3-5: Thailand, Hong Kong
Week 2 – August 10-12: Philippines, Chinese Taipei
Week 3 – August 17-19: China, Japan
Finals – August 24-26: Macau China

Total prize money over $1 million

Participating Teams:

Korea, China, Japan and eventually teams qualifying from the following events:

‘European Nations Cup’ featuring Russia, Germany, Italy and Croatia scheduled to be held in early June from which the top two teams will qualify

‘America’s Cup’ to be held with teams from North, Central and South American zones and may include the National Teams from Cuba, USA, Brazil, Argentina and eventually Dominican Republic and Peru in July. The top three will qualify.

The FIVB President Ruben Acosta said today that ‘boosting Women’s participation in International Sports Events will never be achieved through speeches or conferences but requires to multiply efforts in several fronts and reflect the political will by creating new Sports Events around the world.

Volleyball must provide women Volleyball players the opportunity to show their best abilities and perform in front of the best representatives of the sport. The integration of continental qualification events into the already successful World Grand Prix concept held annually in Asia featuring the very best that women’s Volleyball has to offer will certainly be a step in the right direction’.

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