Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd, ("J:COM"; head office in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Toshio Maki) and its group company J SPORTS Corporation ("J SPORTS"; head office in Koto-ku, Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Osamu Ueda) are proud to announce the production of an 4K Ultra High Definition TV signal for the cycle road race "2014 Le Tour de France SAITAMA Criterium presented by belluna" co-organized and directed by Amaury Sport Organisation ("A.S.O."). A.S.O. the owner and organiser of the Tour de France produced and distributed the international TV live signal of the 2014 Tour de France SAITAMA Criterium which was viewed in over 120 countries and territories around the world. The 4K signal will be available solely in Japan.

J SPORTS and J:COM produced and broadcasted High Definition live of the 2nd edition of cycle road race "2014 Le Tour de France SAITAMA Criterium presented by belluna" held in Saitama City on October 25th, Saturday. To add further excitement to the event, the race was also recorded and produced for the first time in Ultra High Definition 4K. The aim of 4K production is to delve into further possibility of bringing to the audience "you-are-there" experience, capturing the speed, drama and the energy of the race. The 4K version will be broadcasted on "Channel 4K", in the beginning of 2015. 







2014 Le Tour de France SAITAMA Criterium presented by belluna



Date & Place



October 25th, Saturday, 2014 

at Saitama Shintoshin (Saitama New Urban Center), Saitama Prefecture, Japan






Covered by 6 4K cameras 



Program Duration



90 minutes






Broadcasted from January to October. 2015.






Channel 4K (*1)



*1. 4K Channel is an experimental 4K channel launched by Japan’s Next Generation Television and Broadcasting Promotion Forum (NexTV-F).

Mr. Julien Goupil, A.S.O. Media Director said: " By organising and producing the 2014 Le Tour de France SAITAMA Criterium presented by belluna, A.S.O. is proud to give to its long time strong broadcast partner in Japan J SPORTS the opportunity to experiment for the first time in Japan the 4K technology which should continue to develop the popularity of Cycling in the Territory."

J SPORTS and J:COM aims to further pursue innovative ways of presenting sports broadcasting through 4K for the future

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*The figures described above were counted at the end of September in 2014. 


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