Following a meeting today in Nyon, Switzerland, UEFA and the top 13 European Leagues totally rejected the document on transfers recently submitted by FIFA to the European Commission and condemned FIFA’s decision to forward proposals to the EC without any consultation with the representatives of European football.

The meeting expressed its anger that FIFA have failed to officially withdraw their latest proposals and instead now call it a ‘non-paper’.

The meeting took the firm view that whatever the status of the document its submission to the Commission has been damaging to the negotiating position of European football. The meeting also agreed that no further meetings should be held with FIFA unless certain principles were now agreed.

UEFA and the Leagues expressed their regret at recent developments in the light of the progress that was being made in the discussions to secure a positive solution to the transfer issue.

UEFA and the Leagues made clear that FIFA’s latest proposals cannot form the basis of future negotiations and that no discussions on these matters should take place without the full and proper involvement of European football. The meeting affirmed its support for the original proposals of the joint FIFA-UEFA Transfer Task Force as the basis for negotiation and stressed the importance of reaching an agreement on the key issues of contract stability and an effective system of compensation.

The meeting resolved to communicate their concerns in the strongest possible terms to FIFA and the European Commission and to make clear European football’s determination to play a full and constructive role in finding a workable solution to the current impasse.

In addition the Leagues unanimously agreed to ask UEFA to consider the possibility of direct discussions with the European Commision to bring about a satisfactory conclusion to this matter.

UEFA Chief Executive, Gerhard Aigner, confirmed that this whole matter would now be referred to a meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee (to be held in Nyon on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning of this week) for a consideration of any further steps to be taken.

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