The Executive Committee today expressed concern at the growing disparities within club football and emphasised the importance of developing measures to meet this challenge and improve solidarity within the game.

The Executive Committee agreed to:

1. 10 principles to guide the future development of European club football (attached)

2. Open up a discussion on future formats for UEFA club competitions – based on the aforementioned principles – within the UEFA committee and panel structure, to be finalised during 2001; and

3. Reject the proposed introduction of the EuroLeague concept, but to invite clubs and leagues to the forthcoming discussions on future concepts.

The Executive Committee resolved to take forward its work with national governments and the European Union to develop an appreciation of the issues facing football, the ways in which they could help and the need for a Sports Protocol to provide stability for the future.

10 Principles for European club football

1. Domestic club football is the lifeblood of the professional game and must be protected.

2. UEFA’s club competitions should be in juxtaposition to the domestic programmes – a stimulant, not a dominant or damaging influence.

3. Club traditions should be recognised, respected and maintained.

4. The demands made of the players must always be considered.

5. Competitions must be authentic and based on sporting criteria.

6. Fan attendance must be the key objective – the safety and comfort of the supporters in the stadia must be a priority.

7. A balance must be maintained between commercial interests and football as a sport.

8. Solidarity must be maintained.

9. The UEFA Champions League should be the benchmark for international club football.

10. There can only be one governing body for European Association football (UEFA) and transnational competitions in Europe.

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