TSE Consulting has announced today that it is launching three new platforms for the benefit of sports managers, both national and international, around the world. The aim is to provide sports managers with business insights that are relevant for sport and to encourage debate among sports leaders on how sport can learn from business.   

On September 5, 2014, TSE will launch a new blog focused on bringing business insights to sports leaders. The blog will enable frequent sharing of content and engagement from readers. It will be available on TSE's website, updates will be shared via TSE Consulting's LinkedIn page and Twitter account (@TSEConsulting) and a quarterly summary will be sent to TSE's over 15'000 e-newsletter followers. It will be a platform where those working in sports organisations can find ideas and inspiration on how to develop their skills and move towards creating a stronger high-performing organisation. 

At the start of 2015, TSE Consulting will release the first of a new series of published papers that will provide insights on how tested ideas and tools from business can be adapted and used by sports organisations. These papers follow the tremendous success of TSE's sports management book, '

The New Sports Organisation: eight essentials for renewing the management of sport' (2nd edition, 2013, TSE Publishing). 

In Spring 2015, TSE Consulting will be hosting the first edition of its new conference dedicated to leaders of national sport; the conference is called 'The Academy'. The first conference of its kind to bring national leaders together at an international conference will take place in the Olympic Capital, Lausanne, Switzerland. 

Lars Haue-Pedersen, TSE Managing Director, commented: "For years we have heard how sport is different from business. Our understanding and experience allows us to push this debate to another level to see how sport leaders can actually use business ideas and learnings for the benefit of their organisations. We think now is the time for everyone working in sport to take a big leap ahead and we look forward to driving this debate together with our thousands of readers worldwide. "

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