Sydney based sports television distributor TPL Sports, is offering international television rights to the annual Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

As a sports event The Sydney Hobart Yacht Race has all of the elements of sporting achievement with a powerful dose of drama. Each year, the world’s greatest yachtsmen seek out this ultimate test by pitting themselves against the world’s most extreme ocean conditions. The tragic 1998 race in which six experienced yachtsmen lost their lives is testament to the drama of the world’s most extreme weather conditions.

Each year the latest technology from such great seafaring countries as America, Britain, Germany, China, Japan, Sweden, Finland, New Zealand, Italy, France, Argentina and South Africa take on the Aussies. The tough 630 nautical mile Sydney-Hobart adventure is regarded as the ultimate in ocean going yacht races. Mid-summer weather conditions in this region of the South Pacific are notoriously treacherous. Without fail, the winds of the devastating ‘Southerly Buster’ destroy not only the small vessels, but also the Maxi Yachts designed using the latest in sail and material technology.

Loved by Australian television for more than fifty years, now the world’s television viewers can enjoy the spectacle of this sports drama, brightening up winter viewing with a taste of Australian summer.

Highlights are available from January 20 in documentary form.

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