The FA Premier League has commissioned TNSSport for a further 3 seasons to undertake a comprehensive programme of research. The programme includes tracking media in the UK and internationally to measure the competitions popularity and value. Also, for the first time, the title sponsors brand exposure will be measured using Sportsi, TNSSports image recognition technology.

‘It was important for us to work with a independent research agency which offered a number of services on an International basis. Following a pitch process with six agencies, we decided to continue with TNSSport who offered a comprehensive package of services. Our research programme is key in understanding how the fans interact with competition, domestically and internationally’, commented Nicky Fuller, FA Premier League’s Head of Commercial Relations.

‘We are delighted that the FA Premier League has selected TNSSport and utilised Sportsi and our football tracker Soccerscope. Sportsi replaces the manual method of capturing brand exposure and will unquestionably build upon the accuracy of data we can supply. Also, Soccerscope is the only dedicated football consumer tracker and will provide some valuable insights, commented Richard Ames, TNSSport’s Marketing Director.

For further information, please contact:

Richard Ames
T +44 (0) 1483 303770