TNSSport has launched its leading-edge football tracking service Soccerscope in the German and French markets.

Soccerscope is the only continuous market research tool to focus exclusively on football. Using face-to-face interviews it tracks the attitudes of football followers to sponsors and their products, the media and key issues surrounding the world’s most popular sport.

TNSSport, the specialist sports unit of the giant Taylor Nelson Sofres, launched Soccerscope in the UK in 2002. In that time it has built up the most comprehensive picture of football followers, their attitudes and the way they recognise and relate to the broad range of brands linked to the game.

The rolling nature of the research ensures that changes in recognition towards sponsor brands are closely monitored and any shifts highlighted. Soccerscope data enables sponsorship managers, clubs, broadcasters and others with commercial links to football to monitor the impact of their involvement.

“The success of Soccerscope in the UK has been the first step towards the roll-out of the tool across Europe’s major football markets,” said Richard Ames, managing director of TNSSport.

“With the service now available in Germany and France TNSSport is well on the way to providing a comprehensive picture of European football. The service will provide continuous data on the effects of football sponsorship allowing comparison between the key leagues and clubs in the UK, Germany and France.”

The European service is complimented by other football tracking studies in the US and China providing clients with a global view of football”

Soccerscope will be an essential tool for the brands involved in football now and in the future. It will enable them to track the impact of their sponsorship, compare the performance against others and develop or adjust strategy accordingly.”

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