TNSSport, has introduced its ground-breaking SPORTSi on-screen brand tracking system to clients in two more of Europe’s biggest and most active sponsorship  markets.

The introduction of  SPORTSi technology raises the bar on the accuracy and detail with which brand exposure during television broadcasts can be measured and, subsequently, evaluated.

After a 12 month  period during which the system has been extensively utilised on behalf of clients in the UK and USA,  SPORTSi has been introduced to TNSSport’s offices in Germany and France.

Created in partnership with US company Lucent Technologies – SPORTSi  uses advanced image recognition technology to identify and record the appearance of  brand logos on screen during broadcasts.

TNSSport,  the sports arm of  global  market and consumer research giant Taylor Nelson Soffres, was the first  sponsorship research organisation to introduce bespoke image recognition technology.

The use of sophisticated software gives a massive boost to the accuracy and consistency with which  the extent, position and duration of on screen brand exposure can be measured.  The task had previously been carried out using manual input which, while more than adequate, has inherent inconsistencies.

Richard Ames, managing director of TNS Sport believes the introduction of SPORTSi to the French and German markets offers a tremendous opportunity to create firm foundations on which more accurate and relevant sponsorship evaluation can be based.

“The introduction of SPORTSi to these markets allows the fruits of this sponsorship activity to be measured with an accuracy that was never previously possible. The data produced then forms a solid base from which to evaluate the impact against whatever criteria a client brand, agency or property might have set.

“In sponsorship, measurement is never an end in itself. However this is a fast developing part of the marketing sector and  the provision of accurate and consistent data is a critical part of the overall picture and is the cornerstone of good strategic and spending decision making.”

The company provides an comprehensive sponsorship measurement, evaluation and market research services to stakeholders in sport including  governing bodies ( rights holders) sponsor brands, sponsorship agencies, teams and broadcasters.

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