The Sport Innovation Society proudly announces the Sport Innovation Summit in Paris on June 6th and 7th, for two days of sharing and collaboration between international and national experts from the sports industry on a wide range of themes around innovation in the world of sport.


SiS takes Paris!

On June 6th and 7th, the first European edition of the SiS will gather nearly 300 experts from the sports industry at the Auditorium of Paris Center Marceau.

The sports industry is changing and the Sport Innovation Summit, supported by the City of Paris and Paris 2024, aims to bridge the divide between international and national experts in the spirit of collaboration. This event aims to strengthen the role of innovation as a growth accelerator for sport.

« Proud to be able to organize the SIS in Paris by taking it cross the borders after 4 editions in Mexico, #SiSParis2017 will help to create bridges between international and national experts in a spirit of collaboration; innovation is a key factor in generating growth. » says Arnaud Drijard, CEO and Co-founder of SIS. «This 5th edition announces a very high level! » he adds. Created in 2014, SiS’s main objective is to bring together international experts from the sports industry to share their innovations and from different fields in order to positively impact the world of sport. Having participated in #SiSMexico2017 last February, Jean-François Martins, the Deputy Mayor in charge of Sports and Tourism in the City of Paris, states that the event is all in the spirit of «innovation, sharing and conviviality».

France and the city of Paris have always believed in the immense potential of sport, and have therefore set up a unique sporting organization to fulfill that potential. 25 world-renowned experts will present their innovations, in an original format of a one man show, to an audience of 300 experts from the sports industry, including: presidents and directors of sport organizations, brands & sponsors, media, startups ecosystem, technological companies, promoters and athletes.

In addition to the conference, and in partnership with Le Tremplin, SiS is launching a competition for startups and will select the most innovative companies that will design the future of sport. The winners of the international startups competition will then be awarded a month of support in Paris within the Tremplin and allowed first access to the French market. The best French startup will have a unique opportunity to present to national and international leaders, and thus potentially generate opportunities for international development.

Brand-name guests and even more innovative content, SiS will have the honor of hosting international recognized guests, such as: Paris 2024, FC Barcelona, FIBA, Halo Neuroscience, International Paralympic Committee, Adidas, Mexico City, Cornell University, SAP, Facebook, Manchester United, StubHub,, and many more. SiS will also host personalities that share their spirits, like Conrad Colman, skipper of the Vendée Globe. The main themes discussed at the conference will be the transformations and innovations in the fields of: Fan Engagement, Sports Performance, Media & Broadcasting, eSports, Big Events & Cities, and many more.

The first edition of #SiSParis2017 promises to be an unforgettable experience!

Etienne Thobois, General Director Candidature Committee Paris 2024: « Innovation and creativity are at the heart of our project to organize spectacular Games. To offer a unique experience to all the actors of the Games we must mobilize today the talents of France and abroad. The SiS in Paris is a strong signal of the weight that our country has taken on this theme. Indeed, Paris has recently established itself as the European capital of innovation and especially when it is useful, social and solidary. The partnership recently signed with the Yunus Center is a major asset of our candidacy that we want to create values for the country and the Olympic movement. »

Jean-François Martins, Deputy Mayor in charge of Sports and Tourism at City of Paris:

« Paris is ranked the world leader in innovation and intellectual capital by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the host city of many international sports competitions, and has been strengthened by being the first metropolis in the world to have created an incubator dedicated to sports innovation: Le Tremplin. Since its creation in 2014, it has proved its raison d'être: the first two promotions – 40 startups in total – have developed solutions, new products and consolidated their business model thanks to a solid support program. Since their entry to the Springboard, the incubated startups have thus raised more than 25 million euros of background. Startups, innovation and major sporting events are at the heart of the project of the city and we look forward to welcoming in Paris an event like the SiS. »

Benjamin Carlier, Director of the Springboard: «In Paris, with the creation of the first start-up incubator entirely dedicated to sports in a stadium, but more generally in France with the creation of the economic sector of sport, we have for several years witnessed a dynamic Extremely positive in favor of the sports economy and innovation. There are hundreds of entrepreneurs' projects dedicated to sport that are of major interest to all practitioners, but also to large sports companies and institutional players who are very interested in them. It is therefore very interesting that an event such as the SiS takes place today in Paris, notably honoring French and international startups through specific competitions. This very international event, with many speakers from different geographical areas, will not only show the attractiveness and dynamism of Paris to the rest of the world, but above all to draw inspiration from what is done and realized elsewhere. Innovation is built through sharing and openness. »

About Sport Innovation Society:

Arnaud Drijard and Gabriel Ramos created sport Innovation Society in 2014 with the aim of connecting innovation actors in sport at the international level in order to stimulate innovation, collaboration and growth of the sport industry. After four successful editions in Mexico, SiS launches its Europe edition with #SiSParis2017: information and program of the #SiSParis2017

About the City of Paris and sport:

The city of Paris is recognized as one of the most attractive cities in the world in the field of sport. With recurring international sporting events such as Formula E, the beginning and final stages of the Tour de France, or the international tennis players of Rolland Garros, Paris is a prime example of a city that embraces sport. Recently, Paris has played host to some of the biggest sports competitions in Europe with the organization of the Euro 2016 and the 2017 Handball World Championships, and will host the Ryder Cup in 2018. This international reputation is reflected among Parisians with a very active sports culture, which includes top-tier clubs at the national and European level in most sports, and the enthusiasm of the Parisians themselves symbolized by the rise of the foot race, fitness and other sporting activities.

About the Paris 2024 Bid Committee:

The Nominating Committee is co-chaired by Bernard Lapasset and Tony Estanguet (IOC member, three-time Olympic champion). It is composed of five founding members: the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF), the French Paralympic and Sports Committee (CPSF), the City of Paris, the Île-de-France Region and the State. The Paris 2024 Candidature Committee's mission is to lead the candidature of the City of Paris to the organization of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. It carries out its activities at national and international levels.

About Paris & Co and Le Tremplin:

Paris & Co is the economic development and innovation agency of Paris. It specializes in the themes of attractiveness and innovation for job creation in Paris: it welcomes foreign startups and promotes the influence of the ecosystem of innovation in the Ile-de-France region through the incubation of companies. More than 220 startups are supported every year by the teams of Paris & Co.

Le Tremplin is a hub for the sporting ecosystem in Paris and in the Ile-de-France region, an innovation platform for sport, bringing together sports startups, institutional players and large companies within the sports sector.

All of its members participate in the life of the platform and progress in their business by developing a culture of innovation and being as close as possible to the evolution of the sector and the expectations of customers.

Press contacts :

– Ville de Paris : Fiona Guitard – +33142764961

– Paris 2024 : Raphael Leclerc – +33673168806 –

– SIS: Sebastien Onaindia –, +5215514273004 et Arnaud Drijard – – +5215549444118