MONACO – Following recent political changes in the former State Union of Serbia and Montenegro which led to Montenegro withdrawing from that Union to become an officially recognised independent member of the international community, the IAAF has recognised the Athletic Federation of Serbia and the Athletic Federation of Montenegro as two separate Members, thus bringing the IAAF’s total membership to 212. The IAAF is currently discussing new three letter abbreviations for the federations of Serbia and of Montenegro with the IOC.

According to Clause 4.4 of the IAAF Constitution, the IAAF Council has the right to award provisional membership of the IAAF, and following a written consultation of IAAF Council Members, this approval was obtained on 26 July. As a result, athletes from Montenegro will be able to take part in the upcoming European Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden, (6-14 August) and the IAAF World Junior Championships which take place in Beijing (15-20 August).

According to the IAAF Constitution, this provisional membership needs to be confirmed at the next IAAF Congress Meeting which will take place in Osaka in August 2007.