Silkeborg, the Outdoor Capital of Denmark, has been awarded the 2022 Canoe Marathon European Championships at Silkeborg Langsø (Long Lake).

Ole Tikjøb, Chairman of the Danish Canoe Federation: “I'm extremely pleased that we’ve been able to bring the Marathon European Championships to Silkeborg. Denmark, and Silkeborg in particular, has a long and proud marathon tradition. The Tour de Gudenaa – one of the oldest and longest marathons – has been centred around Silkeborg for more than 50 years, and Silkeborg has fostered some of the world’s strongest marathon paddlers.  Historically, Denmark is one of the nations which has created and shaped the canoe and kayak marathon sport. The European Championships offer our skilled canoeist the exceptional opportunity of performing at home, supported by a home crowd.”

At Silkeborg Kayak Club, the mood is ecstatic after having been awarded the championships. The club has competed in the championships for many years, with national team paddlers and medals to prove it. The club’s under-18 double world marathon champion, Thorbjørn Rask, looks forward to welcoming his opponents to the championships on his home waters.

“It’ll be awesome to paddle in the European Championships on home ground. It’s a bit unreal for me to be part such a great event right here in the middle of Silkeborg. This will be huge, and it will be a true pleasure to fight for the medals here at home. I’m really looking forward to it.”

“Silkeborg is one of the leading canoe cities in Europe. We have a strong and vibrant community of clubs and societies with a host of talents and international medal winners. We have state-of-the-art facilities for international events in the area around the new water sports centre at Silkeborg Langsø, in Silkeborg city centre. And as the Outdoor Capital for all of Denmark, we have a strategy to attract international sporting events and cement that status. I am therefore extremely pleased that the result of our close collaboration with Sport Event Denmark, the Danish Canoe Federation and Silkeborg Kayak Club has resulted in Denmark hosting the European Championships. It’s a great honour for Silkeborg to host the 2022 European Championships,” says Steen Vindum, mayor of Silkeborg Municipality.

Lars Lundov, CEO of Sport Event Denmark, is also thrilled when he looks at the big picture.

“The 2022 European Championships is a continuation of the successful event strategy set out by the Danish Canoe Federation and Sport Event Denmark. The success is in part due to the fact that Silkeborg Kayak Club and Silkeborg Municipality have been strong and competent partners in the work related to the 2022 European Championships. We’ve also benefitted from our continuous collaboration with the management of the European Canoe Association. It’s a unique situation for Denmark to have the opportunity, for three consecutive years, to host some of the most significant championships in canoeing.”

Facts: In 2021, the Danish Canoe Federation will celebrate its 100th anniversary by, among other things, hosting the 2021 Canoe Sprint World Championships in Bagsværd (Zealand). It will also host the 2022 Canoe Marathon European Championships in Silkeborg, and the 2023 Canoe Marathon World Championships in the Triangle Region in Jutland.

For further information:

Lars Lundov, CEO, Sport Event Denmark, tel. +45 40 31 48 55.

Ole Tikjøb, Chairman, Danish Canoe Federation, tel. +45 40 91 05 11.

Christian Jacobsen, CEO, Danish Canoe Federation, tel. +45 20 81 54 72.

Lars Damgaard, Competition Director, Silkeborg Kayak Club, tel. +45 24 88 39 45.

Steen Vindum, Mayor, Silkeborg Municipality, tel. +45 26 29 37 32.