Danish national federations, host cities, and Sport Event Denmark will celebrate ten years of successful cooperation in attracting and staging major international sporting events in Denmark in 2018. Sport Event Denmark has supported more than 350 events in 62 cities.

In 2008, Sport Event Denmark was established to attract and host international sporting events in Denmark as well as brand Denmark as an international sporting event nation and destination. Since then, major championships have been staged in all parts of Denmark.

"Our payoff is ‘Hosting Winners.’ In collaboration with the Danish national federations and host cities, we have created the framework for the winners on the fields, as well as both federations, cities, and Denmark have also become winners, " says Lars Lundov, CEO, Sport Event Denmark, that can celebrate the first ten years in 2018.

"Internationally, our strategic efforts to attract and stage sporting events in Denmark have generated very positive attention. We normally talk about our event triangle. We repeatedly present the collaboration between national federations, host cities and Sport Event Denmark as the Danish model. Denmark has also moved steadily up the international rankings for sporting events. At the moment, we are no. 14," says Lars Lundov.

This year, Denmark hosts more great events; The IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, which will be the most significant event Denmark ever hosted with a goal of selling 300,000 tickets for the 64 matches. The championship will be staged in the Royal Arena in Copenhagen and Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning, in May.

Fyn also joins the hosting with the ITU Multisport World Championships Festival consisting of five world championships in July. Whereas Fyn is in high-speed, Aarhus has set sails for the Sailing World Championships with all the Olympic boat classes in August.

 Year  Events Tourism economic turnover/mill Euro   Estimated no. of volunteer hours at SEDK supported events   International ranking (Kilde: Sportcal) 
2008   39  4 Not estimated  
2009  60  34 Not estimated    
2010  26  12 145.000  
2011  31  37 170.516  
2012  28  13 Not estimated  20
2013  24  22 86.620 18
2014  14   16 78.605 18
2015  38  27 167.910 15
2016  28  13 117.665 15
2017  30  29 148.226  14 
2018+  22 Upcoming events supported by Sport Event DK
  340 Add to this number some smaller events, that Sport Event Denmark has supported but which have not been awarded to Denmark and/or not have been staged 


Over the 10-year period, Sport Event Denmark together with event organizers and host cities has in average had a success rate of 80% (Awarded/bids).