SYDNEY – Workmen at Sydney’s Olympic stadium were forced into an embarrassing cover-up on Wednesday after accidentally revealing the Olympic cauldron to media.
Reporters and cameramen visiting the Olympic site got an unexpected preview of one of the Games’ biggest secrets as workers continued preparations for the arrival of the Olympic torch in September.

The cauldron, a black structure standing more than three metres above the northern grandstand, was in full view for more than an hour until the mistake was realised.

The workmen immediately lowered the mechanically-driven cauldron from sight and covered the saucer-shaped dish with tarpaulins.

But it was too late as pictures of the site’s centrepiece were broadcast on Australian television later in the day.

The Olympic flame, which is currently travelling around Australia, will ignite the cauldron at the opening ceremony and burn until the games finish on October 1.


Source: SOCOG