Acapulco (Mexico), January 27th, 2004 – Mr. Bruno Grande, Swatch head of Olympic Sports, announced that the world’s leading watch-making company will intensify its partnership with the FIVB for the promotion of the 2004 Swatch-FIVB World Tour.

‘We recognize that the World Tour is a tremendous success,’ he said during his speech before the FIVB Board of Administration meeting this week in Acapulco. He was delighted that the company he represents contributed to
building the identity of the World Tour and finding a place in the public eye, what he called ‘the visual identity’ of the World Tour.

Mr. Grande admitted that the watch specially produced for Swatch’s first year with Beach Volleyball was sold out. It has now become an object eagerly sought by Swatch collectors around the world, a number which increases every

The men’s and women’s 2004 Swatch-FIVB World Tour will together include 27 tournaments (an increase of 20%) over a seven-month period and reaching five continents. The Prize Money will amount to approximately US$6million (an
increase of 15%).

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