Princeton Video Image, Inc. (Nasdaq: PVII), the global leader in virtual advertising and imaging solutions for television, will produce a branded First-Down Line for the first time in the international live television feeds of Super Bowl XXXV to be aired on January 28, 2001. This Emmy award-winning feature will be seen in an estimated 200 countries. Last season’s Super Bowl was viewed by an estimated 700 million viewers outside of the United States.

In addition to the branded First-Down Line in the world feed, Televisa in Mexico and Can West Global Television in Canada will each broadcast a PVI branded First-Down Line with advertising specific to each of those countries. This is the first time such country specific, targeted advertising has appeared in any such game.

‘The Super Bowl is the single biggest sporting event in the world and PVI’s branded First-Down Line is the most effective sponsorship element in sports broadcasting,’ said Dennis Wilkinson, president and CEO of PVI.

‘In our continuing effort to educate fans around the world about the rules of our game, PVI’s branded First-Down Line serves as an important teaching tool,’ said Doug Quinn, senior vice president, NFL International. ‘In addition, virtual advertising is changing the face of advertising by bringing advertisers and broadcasters opportunities to reach viewers when they’re most attentive – during the game.’

PVI’s original virtual First-Down Line, which will be used in the domestic CBS broadcast, illustrates for viewers the point on the field that a team needs to reach in order to make a first down. The branded First-Down Line will appear to international television viewers as a line on the field with an advertisers’ name or logo appearing discreetly near the top or bottom of the line, expanding visibility and ensuring impact for the advertisers.

‘In-game positions for the advertiser are the most compelling new inventory we have to offer,’ said Ken Johnson, senior vice president sales and marketing for Global Television. ‘We believe that in this new electronic world where commercial deletion is a reality that the future is in electronic product placement.’

‘As a leader in the global marketplace, FedEx is looking forward to having our brand featured in 200 countries during the Super Bowl broadcast’, said Kevin Demsky, Managing Director of Sports and Event Marketing for FedEx. ‘Linking with the cutting-edge technology provided by PVI is very much in-line with FedEx’s heritage of introducing cutting-edge technology to our industry.’

FedEx, General Motors of Canada and Banca Serfin, Mexicos’ third largest bank controlled by HSBC, are the first to utilize this effective and high impact form of sponsorship, PVI’s branded First-Down Line, in the Super Bowl. Sponsors will also utilize PVI’s virtual signage, including virtual flip cards, banners, and louvered signs throughout the broadcast.

Princeton Video Image is the exclusive provider of virtual advertising and imaging solutions to NFL International. The PVI technology is used exclusively by CBS Sports for their NFL broadcasts, including the ‘The NFL Today on CBS’ and Super Bowl XXXV. Additionally, PVI has been used in the last three Super Bowls and the last two NFL World Bowls.

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