The UK’s leading independent sports producer Sunset + Vine has won another award for its ground-breaking cricket coverage.

At the recent Sportel International Television Convention held in Monaco, Sunset + Vine won the “Georges Bertellotti Golden Podium Award” for the best slo-motion isolated camera shot.

The sequence was taken during the 2005 Ashes series between England and Australia and was achieved using the Tornado camera shooting at 2000 frames per second. The camera system is manufactured and distributed by Arri Media.

Collecting the award, Sunset + Vine Chairman Jeff Foulser said “It is a real honour for the company to receive such a prestigious award. Our creative team were the first to realise the “live” potential of the Tornado camera, introducing it to the UK cricket audience in 2003. It is a tremendous example of talented producers working with brilliant technology to enhance the viewing experience”.

Sunset + Vine’s hugely acclaimed cricket coverage has now won nearly 20 awards, from organizations including BAFTA, the RTS, Broadcast and the Indies. This year, its coverage of the 2005 Ashes Series for Channel 4 peaked at more than 8m viewers, the highest ratings of the year on the network.

As well as cricket coverage, Sunset + Vine, which is part of The Television Corporation Plc, produces more than 2000 hours of sport for more than 200 broadcasters around the world. This includes horseracing for the BBC, Tour de France for ITV and all of Five’s sport. The company also has long term contracts with Gillette to produce two of the world’s leading advertiser funded programmes – Gillette World Sport and Gillette Fifa World Cup 2006.

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