NEW YORK – Sunny D Intense Sport has joined the USA Track & Field (USATF) sponsorship family as the official juice and sport drink of USA Track & Field. USATF CEO Craig A. Masback made the announcement – marking the third major new USATF sponsorship in the last two months – at the 2004 USA Track & Field Media Tour at Madison Square Garden.

Sunny D Intense Sport will support the Golden Spike Tour and Team USA, in addition to supporting USATF’s Youth programs centered around the Verizon Youth Series. A Proctor & Gamble product in the Sunny Delight line, Sunny D’s sponsorship includes a substantial commitment to USATF youth programs, including travel grants and contributions to track clubs across the country.

‘We appreciate Sunny Delight’s commitment to the programs that most affect the present and future of Team USA,’ Masback said. ‘Thanks to all of our sponsor support, we know that 2004 will be USATF’s biggest revenue year ever, topping $15 million for the first time. Our marketing message that we offer sponsors a better way to see, feel, and experience sports is working.’

In December, USATF announced that BENGAY will launch a new product featuring the USATF logo on its packaging throughout 2004. The Pfizer product also will serve as a Golden Spike Tour sponsor.

MBNA is issuing a new USA Track & Field no-fee Visa card and free participation in MBNA’s world points program that awards members a point for every dollar spent. Every use of the card will benefit USATF and its programs.

Sunny D Intense Sport, BENGAY and MBNA join existing USATF sponsors Nike, Verizon, Visa, Xerox and General Motors.

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