Stockcube plc, the financial analysis and software development group, has taken a 34.4% investment in Sportcal Global Communications Limited (‘Sportcal’) with options for further investment in the future.

Widely recognised as the leading business-to-business site for sport, Sportcal provides services for the sports industry, including news, research, consultancy, data and statistics, sports information for media and business sponsors, website building and technical development. Sportcal has built and hosts a comprehensive online sporting events calendar available on covering over 30,000 events per year up to the year 2016, covering over 140 sports from more than 170 countries.

The Stockcube Group produces research and analysis of the relative strengths and weaknesses of price trends of stocks, stock indices, currencies, bonds and technical data to assist professional and non-professional investors with the timing of investment transactions. Stockcube is one of the world’s leading providers of independent research.

Commenting on the investment, Julian Burney, Stockcube’s CEO said:

‘We are very pleased to make this investment in Sportcal – not only because we see an opportunity to participate in the growth in sports-related activities over the years but more especially as a major application for our web-building and internet publishing capabilities of our software business conducted through Ecube.’

Mike Laflin, founder and chief executive of Sportcal said:

‘We are delighted to welcome Stockcube on board as our new investors and strategic partners. We believe there is a strong synergy between the two organisations and the combination of our respective technological resources matched with the platform we have created in the sports market will produce some very exciting results in the future.’

Sportcal is mainly a subscription business and shares many of the characteristics of Stockcube’s wider markets financial analysis subscription businesses – data capture and management, content analysis, editorial and client management. Of particular relevance is the marriage of Sportcal’s information systems and specialist expertise in the sports world with Ecube’s web-building, online publishing and data handling capabilities and their joint application to sports organisations, particularly those affiliated with Olympic sports bodies.

Rusty Ashman, Stockcube’s commercial director and Nigel Burney, Stockcube’s sales and marketing director will join the board of Sportcal in an advisory capacity.

For more details contact:

Julian Burney – chief executive, Stockcube plc (tel + 44(0) 20 7352 4001)
Mike Laflin – chief executive, Sportcal (tel +44 (0) 20 8944 8786)
Rusty Ashman – director, Stockcube plc (tel + 44(0) 20 7352 4001)

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