The British Internet Publishers Alliance today unveiled Rob Hersov, CEO and Founder of Sportal, as the organisations’ new Chairman. Hersov replaces the now retired Sir Frank Rogers of the Telegraph group in the role. Hersov becomes the first Chairman of BIPA to come from a purely new media company.

Hersov’s appointment comes a matter of days before the Government publishes it’s communications White Paper, which includes the future of the BBC and broadcasting plus the corporations online activities.

‘We are at a crucial stage in the development of the Internet globally, and more importantly for companies based here in the UK,’ says Rob Hersov, ‘This is still very much the beginning of the interactive information age, and the foundations we put down now will determine Britain’s place and role in the new world economy for years to come. We must make sure for the future economic and intellectual wellbeing of the UK online, that we have an open, transparent, robust and level marketplace in which both individuals and corporations, large and small, can develop their on-line and interactive activities to the full.’

He continues:
‘We would like the government to recognise the concerns that have become apparent in our industry regarding the unrestricted and seemingly unregulated growth of the BBC’s online offering. BIPA represents not just the large media groups who make up the majority of our membership but also the many companies of fewer than 20 people who are facing the same issues.’

Rob Hersov will be assisted in the role by Angela Mills and by Peter Ibbotson who will remain as Secretariat and Consultant for BIPA.

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