The event that present the best international speakers that innovates in sports industry will take place this Thursday and Friday

This Thursday begins the Sport Innovation Summit (SIS), the first congress in Mexico and worldwide that presents tangible innovations to improve the world of sport. Through conferences with national and international speakers from 10 countries to inspire the industry leaders. 

Mexico City and the Sports Institute (INDEPORTE) will host the Sport Innovation Summit, an event organized in coordination with Moveo Lab, under a common motivation: Grow innovation to improve the sport in Mexico. 

The SIS will be on Thursday, October 23rd from 9 am to 6 pm and Friday, October 24th from 9am to 3pm, in the spectacular  Sala Telefónica at the Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral, located at the south of the city, in the street Puente de Xoco, Gate A. It will certainly be a great opportunity to do networking with the major industry leaders in different sports. 

The biographies of the 26 great speakers are on the website and the conference program (on the appendix) of the speakers through a dynamic 20 minute presentation on 8 categories of innovation in sport, such as:

  • Athlete's Performance
  • Fan Experience & Apps
  • Sport Articles
  • Public Sport Policies
  • Sports Modernization
  • Infrastructures & Sustainability
  • Sport & Media
  • Special Guests 

"We are ready to welcome the first Sport Innovation Summit, where the people will be witness of how to contribute to the development of the Mexican sport through the inspiration of international and national cases with great impact," Arnaud Drijard, Director of Sport Innovation Summit .

"Doing the Sport Innovation Summit and invite great speakers in the sports industry, is key to inspiring sports leaders across the country to go one step forward and innovate in improving the sport," Horacio de la Vega, Mexico City Sports Director."

Here is the link to the Conference Program:

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