At the event opener in Astrakhan Silk Way Rally fans will be able to keep up to date with the very latest news about the competition, the drivers, the teams and all the action. They will also be able to view the new VR 360 technology, get behind the scenes and choose their point of view LIVE. This can be live race action from a 360 onboard camera, interviews, and highlights from the Bivouac atmosphere, and use the forum to react and offer opinions.

Throughout the race from July 20 to July 27 on the official site of the rally and on social networks the panoramic VR-rollers will be available to provide the maximum effect of presence on the racetrack and behind the scenes of the rally.

As on the website and mobile phone, the viewer can choose the angle of view on what is happening during the seven-day event. After the finish of each day, the best shots will be edited into a spectacular VR-film and will be uploaded on the Silk Way Rally YouTube channel.

The Silk Way Rally in 2018 is a collaboration with Auto24 who will organize its TV production team and deliver all the action from the special stages to over 60 TV channels around the world. The team will send various programs on a daily basis for the duration of three weeks.

The production team is one of the largest World feed broadcasts seen in Cross Country Rallying, over 10 Cameras in the dunes with a dedicated truck of edit stations and specialist aerial pictures from drones and the cineflex helicopter.

Each day, the production team send by satellite directly from each bivouac about 10 hours of « ready to go » programmes in English, French, Russian, Mandarin, Hungarian, Czech languages and also with international sound and music.

Several other broadcasters will receive customised programmes, focusing on their local heroes in order to attract local television fans.

Frederic Lequien Deputy Director of Silk Way Rally comments: “This is a genuine new era for the sport and every stakeholder involved in the Silk Way Rally believes the future is extremely bright. This year is just the start. The Silk Way Rally will become the one of the world’s premier sporting brands in the next 5 years.”

Denis Ryabtsev, CEO of Auto 24 comments:  “We’re really encouraged by this evidence of the enduring appeal of Silk Way Rally and the confidence broadcast partners around the world are showing.  With our exciting plans for the future and so many positive developments in the pipeline, just buckle up and enjoy the ride!”