The Sachsenring circuit, venue of the German GP since 1998, is being reshaped to make its facilities suitable for the new millennium. The plans have already been designed and work is about to begin and scheduled to be finished by 2001. This project includes a modification to the racetrack that will make it longer, unification of both existing paddocks and the modernization of all the facilities.

For the present edition of the Cinzano Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland, changes will only embrace the racetrack, particularly two of its corners. The Braustolz corner will have its radius enlarged, while one of the two chicanes will be transformed into a fast parabolic leftward corner. The surface of the racetrack between turns 13 and 14 has been re-alphalted.

After these modifications, the racetrack distance will be reduced by 79 metres, from 3.508 metres in 1999 to 3.429 in 2000.

The Sachsenring circuit has undergone several changes since the first race held in 1927. In 1934 the Sachsenring held the first German GP and, from 1936 to 1938, the first European GPs. In 1950, the race was watched by 480.000 spectators.

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