Riley & Scott and Reynard Motorsport recently reviewed their relationships and have agreed to a split, with Riley & Scott reverting back to being an independently owned company.

Adrian Reynard, Chairman and Chief Executive, Reynard Motorsport, said this week, ‘We have been in discussion with Riley and Scott with regard to the future for several weeks now. We’ve been looking at the fit ofthe two businesses and believe that it is advantageous to both companies for us to go our separate ways amicably. The true potential of Riley & Scott and its expertise within its marketplace is not being realised through the association with us. We need to let Riley & Scott focus on its strengths, while Reynard needs to put all its efforts into its own core markets.’

Bob Riley, President, Riley & Scott, adds, ‘We are directing our business towards evolving our sportscar product and other engineering projects, which has led to us working independently. We now need to move forward, while maintaining an informal alliance with Reynard and our existing joint activities. It is in all our interests that we continue to have an association.’

Reynard Motorsport and Riley & Scott currently both manufacture for the sportscar markets with the Reynard O1Q sports racing car, an update of the 2KQ-LM introduced this year and the Riley & Scott MKIII, soon to be superseded by the all-new MKIII Series C for 2001. In addition, Reynard Motorsport dominates in the US Champ Car Series and Japanese Formula Nippon Championship.

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