UEFA(1) invites parties to express their interest as from 5 October 2005, but no later than 30 October 2005, regarding the appointment of a supplier to provide the IT Ticketing solution to UEFA EURO 2008TM, as well as all related services in connection with this subject.

Interested parties must express their interest by sending to UEFA an official letter (on headed notepaper) in English requesting the Request for Proposal from UEFA. This letter shall include:

• full details of the return address and contact person for all matters in connection with the “Request for Proposal”;

• the “Statement of Undertaking” duly signed by an authorised representative from the requesting entity.

This letter and all requisite documents must be sent in hardcopies and by registered post to the following address by no later than 18h00 GMT on 30 October 2005:

Mr. Christian Hasler
EURO IT Project Manager
Route St-Cergue 9
1260 Nyon 1

For general inquiries, please contact by mail: christian.hasler@uefa.ch

UEFA shall determine, at its sole discretion, the parties to whom it shall send the official “Request for Proposal”. Unsuccessful applicants will be informed accordingly. Interested parties are reminded that incomplete and/or late applications shall not be reviewed by UEFA.

(1) Includes UEFA and its subsidiaries, namely UMET SA and Euro 2008 SA


Only suppliers responding to the following criteria will be taken into consideration in the selection process:

• The supplier must have a complete and proved ticketing software solution, which has been already successfully implemented

• The ticketing solution must be built on the latest technologies

• The supplier must have an implementation reference with over 1 mio ticket sold for a single event including the following subsequent operation steps: ticket sales, seat assignment, ticket printing and distribution

• The supplier must have an implementation reference in a major international sport event involving stadium seating layouts

• The supplier must be active on an international level

• The company must exist since more than 5 years and show a positive balance sheet over the last 3 years.


Name of company: ____________________________________________________________________
Tax number: ____________________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________

Invited by UEFA to present a proposal for an IT Ticketing solution, in connection with the UEFA European Football Championship 2008™ (“UEFA EURO 2008™”), undertakes that:

1. All information provided and representations made to UEFA are not false, inaccurate or misleading.

2. All information provided by UEFA in connection with UEFA EURO 2008™, including (without limitation) all information given by UEFA in the present invitation shall remain strictly confidential at all times.

3. None of its representatives or employees shall make any form of public announcement or statement relating directly or indirectly to this invitation and/or the proposals resulting from this invitation to any media without the prior written approval of UEFA and that non-compliance will lead to the penalty of being held responsible for any damages caused.

4. All intellectual property rights and all commercial rights in relation to UEFA EURO 2008TM, the present invitation and any proposals resulting from this invitation shall belong and/or accrue exclusively to UEFA.

5. UEFA shall not be held responsible for any costs, expenses and/or liabilities incurred in the preparation of the proposals resulting from this invitation, any responses to requests for further information by UEFA and any negotiations with UEFA following receipt by UEFA of such proposals.

6. Any association with UEFA EURO 2008™ in any manner whatsoever without the prior written approval of UEFA is strictly prohibited.

7. UEFA shall not be required to accept any proposal submitted in response to this invitation and reserves the right to organise the IT Ticketing solution and related services for UEFA EURO 2008™ itself or to re-open the invitation to tender at a later stage.

By submitting this Statement of Undertaking, I/we confirm that I/we have read and understood the foregoing terms and conditions issued by UEFA on 9 October 2005 regarding the appointment of an entity to provide an IT Ticketing solution in connection with UEFA EURO 2008™, and agree that the entity that I/we duly represent is/are bound by such terms and conditions.

Signature: ___________________________________________________________________
Name: ___________________________________________________________________
Title: ___________________________________________________________________
Place: ___________________________________________________________________
Date: ___________________________________________________________________
Official Stamp: