1. FC Nuremberg and Rehau have signed an extension of their winning collaboration: in the next two seasons, Rehau, a systems vendor in the construction, automotive and industrial sectors will continue to be an exclusive partner to the historic German football club. The sponsorship put together by SPORTFIVE ensures a broad club-related advertising presence for the international company based in Rehau, centering on an extensive allocation of Business Seats, the new premium rotating perimeter boards, and video spots on the ad board at the easyCredit stadium.

“The continuation of our involvement with the club is the logical extension of a successful partnership,” declares Jörg Neukirchner, a member of Rehau’s management. “We have supported 1. FCN for three years, which allows us to express our solidarity with the region while also strengthening the Rehau brand. We hope the seasons ahead will continue successful.”

“Rehau and the club have a good partnership that has grown over several years and we are happy that Rehau will continue to be our reliable partner,” confirmed FCN President Michael A. Roth.

“The club and Rehau both have great, longstanding tradition and avoid resting on past laurels. The extension of the sponsorship demonstrates, yet again, the club’s outstanding position as a regional advertising medium with nationwide reach,” emphasized Hendrik Schiphorst, head of the SPORTFIVE team in Nuremberg.

We will be happy to provide further information upon request.

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