From the opening ceremony to Monday 16 August included, Eurosport reached over 72.5 million different viewers.

Eurosport recorded its best ever audience on Olympic Games with over 72.5 million viewers who already tuned in since the beginning of the Olympic Games Athens 2004.

Monday 16 August was one of the most successful days with 1,450,000 viewers on average who followed Eurosport’s extensive LIVE coverage, giving the channel a market share of 2.4 % across Europe.

Particularly important is the score that Eurosport registered during the Opening Ceremony (1.400.000 viewers on average) and the peak of audience during the Diving Event on Monday evening between 21:45 and 22:00 at 5.122.000 viewers (market share of 4.6 %) !!!

Among Eurosport’s top scores on Monday, are the following Olympic Events.

Rowing 1.450.000 viewers on average
Boxing 1.420.000 ‘ ‘
Judo 1.280.000 ‘ ‘
Weightlifting 1.250.000 ‘ ‘
Swimming 1.190.000 ‘ ‘
Fencing 490.000 ‘ ‘

Eurosport brings the Games throughout 54 countries in 19 languages, offering LIVE and round-the-clock daily coverage as well as in-depth analysis with expert commentators.

Eurosport allows viewers to follow all the major events LIVE and to feel the emotion of these unique moments.
Eurosport’s multimedia approach also includes extensive LIVE coverage on as well as full highlights and results on Eurosportnews.

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