One of the leading UK exponents of image recognition technology has launched a new service offering internet broadcasters two significant advantages;
– greatly improved LIVE video picture quality
– substantially lower streaming costs

“Using compression codecs developed for our video image tracking technology has meant that even low bandwidth viewers can now experience excellent crisp picture quality with minimal buffering” says Paul Schenk a founding Director of RTT.

“However we realised that as good as our software is, without a profitable return, the Market would still be at risk. So we have decided to offer a turnkey service that will allow Broadcasters to stream LIVE coverage to their internet audience for as little as £0.35 per viewer for a 2 hour programme shown at broadcast quality.”

Live Audience

Replay Audience

Number of Matches

Live Time Frame (days)

Replay Period (days)

Cost per Viewer



















RTT has already successfully developed a real time tracking system for use in greyhound racing, tracking each dog to within 25mm accuracy as they race at speed around poorly lit tracks. Receiving live video feeds from as many as 32 high resolution digital cameras simultaneously and processing that information in ‘real time’ was a major hurdle to overcome.

Having achieved its immediate goals, RTT realised that the proprietary software that its development team had designed could be used in the wider commercial market and especially in the ever increasing world of Internet Broadcasting.

The company has called its service VideoZip© which aptly describes the technology. However its service goes well beyond simply providing software installed on broadcast servers – although it will supply hardware with a VideoZip© license if a customer wishes to undertake their own streaming.

But for those who don’t, RTT will accept the live TV feed, crunch it through its compression programme and then stream to viewers in both LIVE and REPLAY form depending on requirements.

Gideon Lloyd who is heading up RTT’s Marketing Programme for VideoZip©  says;

“It really is about time that someone de-mystified the business of internet broadcasting and allowed the many hundreds, if not thousands of sporting entities and broadcasters to exploit the medium whilst having the risks minimised.”

Lloyd sights the recent $612 million deal for Indian Cricket rights as providing a good example. “The Holder will clearly leverage the value through mainstream terrestrial and satellite television networks. But the icing on the cake could be the value of the broadband content, which although globally fragmented, cumulatively makes up big numbers.”

The contention is that if ex patriot Indians can see their national team’s cricket LIVE on the internet in quality format with reliable delivery, they will be happy to subscribe. If the rights holder knows this, the rights value is secured.

From the Broadcaster’s point of view, reliable, good quality pictures are paramount – but not at any cost – so a competitive and known delivery budget means an attractive subscription model can be used in marketing exclusive LIVE pictures in all territories where no alternatives exist.

RTT has established a dedicated site; where the Broadcasting and Sports industry can see video streaming and through registration submit requests for streaming quotations.

For further information contact:
E. Gideon.Lloyd