PYEONGCHANG, South Korea (August 22) — A Gangwon Provincial Council panel formed to assist PyeongChang in its bid to host the 2014 Winter Olympics will hold a workshop from August 21 through August 22 to discuss strategies for assisting the bid campaign.

As the representative government body of Gangwon Province, where PyeongChang is located, the Council is keenly interested in bringing about a successful Winter Olympic bid campaign.

The 12-member panel led by Chairman Lee In Sub intends to conduct regular site inspections of Olympic competition venues and other key facilities in Gangwon Province. They are also seeking to heighten interest in PyeongChang 2014 among residents of the province – which is already at high levels.

Bid officials at PyeongChang 2014 welcome the measure of support extended by the Gangwon Provincial Council, noting that it will complement a strong existing base of support.

The National Assembly and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism have also organized special PyeongChang 2014 support teams to assist the Winter Olympic bid in a myriad of ways suited to their organizational strengths.