LONDON — Rugby union could be included in the Olympic Games of 2008, the International Rugby Board (IRB) said on Thursday.

The sport last featured in the Olympics in Paris 76 years ago, but meetings between the IRB and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) took place in Sydney last month with a view to its reinstatement.

Logistical problems mean a return in time for Athens 2004 is unlikely. Vernon Pugh, chairman of the IRB, said: ‘We are doing our best to get rugby back in the Games.

‘The reception that we received from the IOC was judged to have been successful.

‘I don’t think it would mean overkill for rugby union. The Olympics are also less value without rugby.’

The host city for the 2008 Games has yet to be decided. Paris, Beijing, Toronto, Istanbul and Osaka are the five bidding cities.

Source: SOCOG