During the Congress that will take place in Brazil from 15 to 21 October 2006, I will not be a candidate for the presidency of the FIM as I had decided and communicated already a year ago.

After 8 years as deputy president and 11 years as president, I think that my task as leader is over and I leave it to others to take care of the management of the FIM.

At the time of leaving the Federation, it is my duty to thank all those who, in the course of these long years, have helped me to attain the objectives that the FIM has reached today.

First of all, the National Federations who have granted me their confidence and helped in the difficult task of changing the Statutes and of adapting them to current demands; our Promoters who have been and will be our foremost collaborators; the FIM administration, guided in an excellent manner by Guy Maitre, who supported me with intelligence and flexibility; the manufacturers who have understood that the FIM is the only, real interlocutor between them, the authorities and the users of the powered two-wheelers; the teams and the riders who have united around the FIM in recognising it as their official representative; the press who in its irreplaceable role of control and criticism has always been a stimulation to do better and is a formidable vehicle for communicating information about the motorcycle and of our world; finally, all the fans, because, without their enthusiasm and their support, nothing would have been possible.

To all, without any distinction of roles, I send you my grateful thanks and best wishes for an even more brilliant future.

As usual, I wish everyone a “Safe Journey”.

Francesco Zerbi

FIM President

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