Building on the company’s extensive North American satellite network and value-added services, PanAmSat (NASDAQ: SPOT) is launching the ‘Power of 5,’ offering cable operators and content providers greater efficiency and diversity in the distribution and reception of entertainment and information. Through the new program, PanAmSat is giving away thousands of Multi-Beam-Feed kits or new antennas to qualified cable operators. The upgrades provide access to multiple cable neighborhoods with dozens of the nation’s leading cable television channels as well as to the company’s NET-36 IP Broadcast Network and future IP content distribution networks.

Using just one antenna, the Power of 5 will empower cable operators to receive programming from the Galaxy XR, Galaxy V and Galaxy IX satellites at 123-, 125- and 127-degrees west longitude, respectively. In addition, they will be able to receive IP content from the NET-36 IP Broadcast Network and future IP content distribution networks on Galaxy XR. A similar Multi-Beam-Feed antenna will enable them to access Galaxy XI and Galaxy IIIR at 91- and 95-degrees west longitude.

Ann E. Mountain, PanAmSat’s senior vice president, North American video sales, said: ‘The Power of 5 program adds tremendous value to PanAmSat’s Galaxy cable neighborhoods. Virtually every cable operator in the United States has an antenna pointed at PanAmSat’s Galaxy V satellite at 125 degrees west longitude. Now, with an antenna upgrade, cable programmers on Galaxy IX and Galaxy XR as well as customers of NET-36 and future IP content distribution networks on Galaxy XR can potentially have access to the same extensive base of cable headends.

‘Cable operators also benefit by being able to receive nearly a hundred top cable programmers on five different satellites using less equipment, requiring less space and at absolutely no cost for the hardware. In addition, the NET-36 IP Broadcast Network as well as planned IP content distribution networks on Galaxy XR offer them the ability to receive IP-encoded digital media for streaming video and audio entertainment and a variety of other applications.’

Some of the content that cable operators can receive from Galaxy V, Galaxy IX, Galaxy XR, Galaxy XI and Galaxy IIIR includes A&E, BET, CNBC, CNN, Discovery, Disney Channel, Encore, ESPN, Fox Sports Network, Fox News, fx West, HBO, Independent Film Channel, The Movie Channel, MTV, Nickelodeon, Showtime and the USA Network.

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Jeffery Bothwell