PanAmSat Corporation today announced the promotion of Bruce A. Haymes and James B. Frownfelter to the positions of senior vice president. Mr. Haymes now reports directly to R. Douglas Kahn, PanAmSat’s president and chief executive officer, and Mr. Frownfelter reports directly to Robert Bednarek, PanAmSat’s executive vice president and chief technology officer.

Mr. Haymes has been promoted to the newly created position of senior vice president, business development from vice president and associate general counsel. Mr. Frownfelter, formerly vice president, space systems, has been promoted to senior vice president, space systems.

‘Bruce and Jim bring expert leadership to our business development and space systems efforts, and will be invaluable additions to PanAmSat’s senior management team,’ Mr. Kahn said. ‘With responsibility for two key business functions, they will be instrumental in helping PanAmSat achieve our aggressive growth objectives through the expansion of our global satellite network and video, data and Internet offerings.’

As senior vice president, business development, Mr. Haymes is responsible for overseeing the company’s merger and acquisition strategy, execution and integration as well as minority investment activity. Mr. Haymes’ mandate is to preserve and improve PanAmSat’s position in the fixed-satellite service business while expanding the company’s position in the delivery of new media services, including PanAmSat’s NET-36 IP Broadcast Network. Mr. Haymes joins the company’s senior executive management team.

During his tenure as vice president and associate general counsel, Mr. Haymes managed all corporate, securities and financing matters, including strategic transactions and joint ventures. Mr. Haymes also assisted in the administration of the legal department, and worked with the human resources department on executive compensation and employment issues.

Before joining PanAmSat in 1997, Mr. Haymes was an attorney at the New York law firm of Chadbourne & Parke LLP, where he structured, drafted and negotiated mergers, acquisitions, offerings, joint ventures as well as securities transactions for public and private corporations and investment banks. Mr. Haymes also represented, among other clients, PanAmSat. In addition, Mr. Haymes served as vice president and general counsel for New York-based Aristo International Corporation, where he was the senior executive in charge of business development and strategy for a mergers and acquisitions group focused on multimedia and biotechnology.

In his new role as senior vice president, space systems, Mr. Frownfelter is responsible for the development of sales and marketing plans for each new and existing spacecraft that identify target

markets and customers as well as the resources necessary to support sales in these markets. He also oversees the acquisition of additional orbital slots for development and the deployment of significant ground infrastructure to support PanAmSat’s satellite network. In addition, Mr. Frownfelter also serves as the new chairman of PanAmSat’s Satellite Strategy Team.

Mr. Frownfelter will continue to manage the design, acquisition and construction of new spacecraft and launch vehicles as well as the company’s Spectrum Management group, which is responsible for all coordination with other satellite operators to ensure proper performance of the satellite systems in orbit.

Mr. Frownfelter’s association with PanAmSat dates back to 1996, where as the senior manager of Philip A. Rubin & Associates consulting firm in Washington, D.C., he was instrumental in developing PanAmSat’s current fleet deployment strategies and satellite and launch vehicle procurement activities. Mr. Frownfelter was officially hired as PanAmSat’s vice president of space systems in July 1998.

Prior to his affiliation with PanAmSat, Mr. Frownfelter served as director of marketing, sales and operations at Fokker Aircraft U.S.A., Incorporated. At Fokker Aircraft, Mr. Frownfelter was responsible for developing and implementing marketing and sales strategies that resulted in over $1.2 billion in aircraft sales in North America, and an increase in annual turnover for the company of greater than $500 million. Mr. Frownfelter started his aerospace career as an engineer for Hughes Aircraft Company.

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