Share and Ontario Lacrosse Association today announced a joint business partnership that will see appointed as the OLA and affiliates exclusive online business partner for five years to provide an administration, communication and eCommerce platform for lacrosse. The business partnership will also see become a major sponsor of the Ontario Lacrosse Association.

The official Ontario Lacrosse Association website ( will be re-launched in the month of December, providing the OLA and affiliates with leading-edge, new generation interactive online tools to help service their business.

The site will include use of a communications and messaging centre for all sports participants across the various Associations; an administration centre providing tools for online schedules, results reporting, game analysis, publishing services including newsletters and reminders, community calendars and event schedules. In addition. the iSport service allows web design tools for Associations and clubs, allowing them to create their own pages– including the provision of athlete tracking and management, coaches, officials and organizers sections for administration, general news and information to promote themselves and their programs, information boards, forums and a chat room.

‘We think this is a tremendous partnership for the Ontario Lacrosse Association. Our website is an integral part of our overall marketing and communications strategy and we are excited about the positive impact this relationship will have on our ability to serve our members and reach a wider online audience’ said Ontario Lacrosse Association Executive Director Stan Cockerton.

CEO of Group, Mr. Rory MacLeod announced today that this was iSport’s first key sports partner to be announced in Canada, with a number of other key announcements expected to follow over the next few months. ‘We are extremely excited about working with the Ontario Lacrosse Association. This is a great endorsement for iSport and the global reputation we have in serving the business of sport built up over a number of years of experience. Our business is about delivering value to our partners now – we have a proven track record and we understand the business of sport.’ is the official and exclusive partner to over 40 national sporting organizations around the world, representing over 40,000 associations, 300,000 sports teams and 5,000,000 registered players.

Core to is the iSport Advantage Platform™, an administration and communication network application that is specifically designed to meet the needs of sport. It is specifically configured for each sporting organization and operates primarily within the sporting organization’s intranet.

The iSport Advantage comprises a core functionality that enables sport’s organizations to provide a ‘whole of sport’ integrated online sports domain, reducing administration costs and improving productivity by automating the communications and eCommerce cycle and linking end-users throughout the organization with administrators and commercial partners.

For further information contact:

Eddie Coleman, Sports Development Manager
iSport Canada
Telephone: (416) 947-1850
Fax: 416-363-9936